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Memory Foam Dog beds

These Memory Foam Dog beds are hand made by Karen Lisa.I have been making memory foam dog beds for 10 years, I first started making them when my old dog started leaking in her sleep and i could not find a good dog bed that was totally washable.I spent a lot of money buying beds that I could not get the smell out of.So I decided to make my own,and that is how this all started.My beds are 3 to 4 inch thick solid 10 lb memory foam.I only use heavy duty velcro, because zippers always break.All you do to wash them is open the velcro take out the plastic bag and put the cover in the washer and dryer.If the memory foam is soiled just hose off and let dry.When done ,put a new trash bag over the memory foam and put clean cover back on. I make all different sizes and have a wide varity of fabric patterns to choose from I can also make custom sizes .I make fleece on both sides or fleece on one side and cotton on the other.
These beds are wonderful for arthritic dogs. The 3 to 4 inches of foam helps them rest better and not be quite as stiff when they get up.Our veterinarian recommends my beds to her clients and we have sold a lot to boarding kennels nation wide .I also use them for my dogs and they love them.If you have any questions please let me know.You can email me at lazzydogzz@aol.com.
Thank You for choosing one of my Memory Foam Dog Bed,I can guarantee your dog will love it.
Karen Lisa

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Fits perfect into crates.We can make any crate size you need.

010 Pink & Brown Dogs  32x22x3 $32.00

011 Small Brown & Tan  26x19x3 $26.00

012 Dalmation 39x26x3 $39.00

013 Red Flame 24x18x3  $20.00

014 Green & Black 28x22x3 $28.00

015 Santa Monkeys 28x20x3 $28.00


016 Santa Monkeys 46z28x3 $46.00

017 Velboa Faux Fur 33x27x4  $38.00

018 Woof 44x28x3  $44.00

019 Square Dogs  31x28x3  $31.00

020 Wolf bed  36x28x3  $36.00

021 Wood Grain  49x38x3  $56.00